featured work

capturing photo + VIDEO of your wedding day

we capture real
    moments that
       remind you how you felt


first & foremost
we believe in your love

how we do this

think we'd be friends?

your story started long before your wedding day & it will continue long after.

our worst fear is showing up on your wedding day, not knowing a single thing about you. anyone can use a shot-list to capture your day. we use your story. the way you joke with each other, what you love most, how you want to feel, who your people are.. the things that matter.
we want to get to know you, so that on your day you don’t feel like you have to perform for a camera. you can be in the moment & we can be another friend there to celebrate you! so you can be comfortable enough to be vulnerable about your love & we get to be the lucky ones to document it.

that way you walk away with photos & a video of you -- not just our curated version of you.