i've never been to a wedding where everything went off perfectly. humans are imperfect & that's the most beautiful part of it all. you've done all the hard work, you've hired the vendors you love & now you get to enjoy the day. no matter what happens. & the best part of it all, is that by the end of the day you'll be married & you'll have spent the day celebrating that. let the details fall wherever they may & enjoy the fact that your love matters the most. 


rolling with the punches

there's no shot list, or recreating photos you saw online, or making sure the dress is laid out perfectly. there's laughter & tears & real feelings involved. 

we aim to capture you as you are & not try to force things to happen. i will help prompt you along the way & give guidance towards where you stand, but there's also so much beauty in letting you fall into place with your partner. that's the sweet spot for us.


perfection not being the goal.

how do you want to feel on your wedding day? what moments are you most looking forward to? in 10 years when you look back at your day, what do you want to stand out the most? 

think beyond a timeline & table decor & what everyone should wear [although I love these things too!] & imagine yourself having your dream day. 
let's aim to make that a priority & capture it along the way. 


being intentional about the kind of day you want to create to celebrate your love.

we'll be great friends if you believe in..

we exist to document your day in a real way. your wedding day shouldn't feel like a photoshoot & you shouldn't feel like you're performing for a camera.

we prioritizing connecting with you, getting to know what you want from your wedding day & building a foundation where you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable & present on your day.

we don’t make you open a present twice. put on your wedding clothes again. or pose in a way that feels forced to you. our job is to capture you authentically; feelings, laugh lines & all.

our first priority is getting to know you. what sort of things you like to do, how you interact with your person, if you’re going to have a quiet reception or a huge party. the more we can know who YOU are, the better we can capture you.

this isn’t a one size fits all template, where we make you do the same things as everyone else, to get photos that look like everyone else. your photos will look like you. your film will feel like you. when you let us see the real you, we get to make art with it.

all that to be said, we believe in every type of love. no matter who you hug at night, or where you come from, your love deserves to be celebrated!!!

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our approach is simple: to
create a space that allows you to be present for your wedding day