usually this is where people talk about why they love love,

or about why they love taking photos, making films or creating in general. but honestly, that's already evident & also kind of irrelevant to you.

so instead I'll tell you about who we are, because if you're going to spend 10 hours with us on your wedding day, we sure as hell better get along.

this is us

WHERE DID YOU MEET: we were in the same class in college in 2010, we both studied in sydney, australia for two years

WHERE DID YOU GET MARRIED: on a horse farm outside ali’s hometown in canada.
FAVORITE DATE: getting coffee. we've done it for 10 years & still love it. second place is going to see a movie.

FAVORITE MEMORY TOGETHER: anytime we travel. new zealand or mallorca are our fave places we've been together.

WHERE DO YOU LIVE: we currently live smack dab in the middle of the US. we call kansas city, missouri home, but travel to my hometown outside of toronto often.

ali happer

ALTERNATIVE DREAM JOB: probably a therapist!

FAVORITE SNACK: salt + vinegar chips

FAVE BEVERAGE: flat white

DREAM TRAVEL LOCATION: norway & indonesia

IF I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE: spain, new zealand or my hometown.

FAVE MOVIE: 10 things i hate about you. 

BEST QUALITY: i live to make people feel seen & valued. no matter who you are or what you believe, you are important.

ALTERNATIVE DREAM JOB: architect/hotelier


FAVE BEVERAGE: latte or a cold mexican beer

DREAM TRAVEL LOCATION: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, & Cape Town


FAVE MOVIE: I have a favorite movie for every year, should I list them all? 

BEST QUALITY: creativity and vision, maybe leadership too.






I’m smiling so big right now and my heart is pounding I’m so happy! I don’t even know what to say. These are so beautiful. Bobby looks amazing. My girls look amazing. The boys look sharp! You guys captured the vibe of the day so well.

You guys were the best to work with! You are both so chill, fun, and just easy-going. We got a ton of compliments on you.
Everyone loved how nice and easy you were to work with.
I definitely admire the way you work together…I can tell you respect each other’s artistic viewpoints. I’m just blown away by your talent as creatives.

- Audris


kind words

nathan happer