we are located in kansas city missouri, but serve the midwest & do travel.
we are in the greater toronto area often, so we are always available for shoots & weddings in southern ontario!
email us if you have more specific questions info@thehappers.com

we make our best work when we know YOU, because we're not 'one size fits all' kinda of people. we want to give you photos & video that represent who you are, not show off how good we are at posing people. so, there's a few questions down below to get the ball rolling. & if you haven't yet, read through some frequently asked questions & see our pricing to make sure we're on the same page!

once we get your email, you should hear back from us in 1-2 business days [maxxxx, so check your spam folder if you haven't!] & then we can grab a drink & get to know each other!


The Happers believe in & celebrate everyone. Humans from every religion, race, gender, sexual-orientation & background are welcome. We document weddings & humanity, no matter who you are or who you love.