Caleb + Ninive | Emporia, Kansas Wedding

I think shooting this wedding was the first moment my heart knew I loved Kansas, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else around me. Looking through these pictures I realize how beautiful it is here & how diverse the locations are! 
We met Caleb many years ago, in college. He was in our little class of 6 & quickly became a friend, a trustworthy guy who genuinely cares for everyone. I’m not sure I’ve ever met another person even remotely close to Caleb. I still remember skyping him & hearing him talk about a new friend who was very special to him. Months later, at our wedding, I remember seeing him hiding away in a corner, his beautiful lady on the other end of the screen waving ‘hi’. We were so excited to shoot their wedding & celebrate on a beautifully crisp fall day. 

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