Alden + Ivonne | Downtown Houston Wedding

Alden & Ivonne in Houston, Texas at the Mariago Collective, an Art Gallery & Event Space.  

Ivonne was my housemate almost 7 years ago in college. We lived together for 2 years & remain friends to this day. She’s passionate, sassy & full of life. Alden is stable, strong & hilarious. Together they are a creative duo & completely smitten with each other. 
Their wedding was completely unique to them, small, surrounded by family, artsy & hello.. there was a taco truck for dinner. Yes. 
Highlights of the day were as follows:
1- the hand painted ceremony backdrop that Ivonne designed & painted herself
2- the way they incorporated family & friends into their celebrations
3- their incredible class & the way they stayed present & true to themselves every single moment of the day.

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