Cody + Esther | Northern California Redwoods Wedding

Cody & Esther got married two hours north of San Fransisco in the middle of the forest, surrounded by their people. Nothing gets me more than this. Intimate moments planned around family & memories. We got up early & spent the first half of the day getting ready & taking their portraits. We came back home & changed, made lunch, played games, set up the tables. It was so hot out. So HOT. But we survived. The ceremony was up on the back of the property, just as the sun was starting to set. & then dinner was on the back deck area, under the trees. 
It was really one of my favourite weddings, because it was so simple & so focused on the start of their future together, family, good food. It wasn’t complicated. & I loved the entire day. 
Meet Cody + Esther Kontny.

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