Ken + Laura | New Zealand Southern Coast Wedding

    Ken & Laura’s wedding was so unique & such a different experience for Nate & I. 
We met Laura many years ago when we lived in Australia for college. She came to Canada for our wedding & here we are many years later, taking the photos for her wedding day. She met Ken a few years back & together they now live in New Zealand! 
    Their wedding was on the South Coast of the North Island of NZ. It was a beautiful sunny day & it honestly could not have been more magical. They were surrounded by their closest friends & family, overlooking the Bay, which was so clear you could see the South Island on the horizon. 
    One of my favourite stories from the day was how Laura found her dress. She had known for many years that she didn’t want a white dress & fell upon a dress while bridesmaids dress shopping for a friends’ wedding years prior. With no wedding for herself in sight, she kept it in the back of her mind & hoped one day she’d be able to find it for herself. After she started dating Ken, she remembered the dress & thought to put an alert on eBay for it, juuuuust in case. Well before they were engaged, she got a notification that one went up for sale. It was her size & she only had to have part of the neckline altered. If that isn’t meant to be.. I don’t know what is! 

Enjoy their day. Adventure Time Themed, but still as classy as ever. 

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