Boho Bridal Styled Shoot |

I haven’t done a styled shoot before & I was pretty jaded towards them honestly. I felt like they were everywhere & brides are being bombarded with images that are created in an environment that isn’t possible on an actual wedding day.
That being said, after doing this shoot, I think everything we did is fully possible & totally attainable for a wedding day. AND it speaks to the idea that a wedding doesn’t have to be what traditions have told us for so long. Let your girls wear dresses they love in the same color palette. Put a jacket on if it’s cold. Let your hair down. Don’t make it this big fancy special event that doesn’t speak to who you are. Don’t have a cake if you don’t like cake! Make this fun day about things you love & make you feel HAPPY!!!
rant over – here are some photos of flowers that I LOVE.

Florals – Elizabeth McKenzie Florals
Hair & Makeup – Bella Marie Artistry
Ribbons – Shy Myrtle

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